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There are many centers and sites in Israel dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the heritage of Jewish communities from all over the world. However, an important piece in the map of Israeli museums and cultural venues is missing – a center dedicated to the largest community, one which has profoundly influenced the structure of Israeli society – the Jewish community of the Soviet Union.


Inspired by and planned together with prominent representatives of the former Soviet Union immigrant community, the center will be housed in an architecturally impressive structure designed not only for the benefit of immigrants and their descendants, but also for the general public.


Through the use of cutting edge museum technology, this multidisciplinary center will help visitors learn about the unique history of the Jewish community in the USSR, as well as its contribution to Israel and the world at large.


The museum experience will enable Soviet Jews and their descendants to take pride in and interact with their roots. It will help those from other Jewish communities to experience the complex dilemmas faced by Soviet Jewry. Visitors will learn about and grapple with the dilemmas presented in an important chapter in the struggle for human dignity, liberty and identity.


As well as functioning as a museum, the site will boast a leading research institute and cultural center for one the largest communities in Israel. Performances, plays, seminars, lectures and other events will feature on an on-going basis, transforming into a bustling, lively place. In so doing, the center will play an additional role as a focal point for connecting the various parts of Israeli society and the past of the Jewish people to its future.



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